Free Cases Daily Week #8 – Maroo, Macally, AP Gear & more

Free Cases Daily Week #8

Tablet2Cases’ yearlong Facebook promotion Free Cases Daily enters week number eight (Nov. 19-25) with even more tablet cases to be awarded at absolutely no cost, including models for the Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus 7, iPads and virtually every tablet model out there.

Scroll down for this week’s list of Free Cases Daily. Following the seven prize giveaways are the super-easy rules for entry and for your chance to win a brand new tablet case this week!

1. Maroo Moko iPad Book Case

Price: $44.99
Rating: 4.3

Is this really, as Maroo proclaims “the one that started it all”? Well, there’s no need to start an argument: The fact is that the Maroo tablet case starts with quality leather and completes the package with lots of carrying and displaying functionality.

Maroo Moko

2. Macally iPad BookStand2R Case

Price: $34.95
Rating: 3.3

This folio case/tablet stand combination keeps trim thanks to its rubber and microfiber suede construction – the Macally tablet case incorporates useful folio pockets and functions with magnetic enclosures while proving tough protection as well.

Macally iPad 2 BookStand2

3. AP Gear Companion iPad Sailcloth Sleeve

Price: $49.00
Rating: 4.0

Water-resistant sailcloth material makes up the outer shell for the AP Gear tablet case (no, really); after that, there’s medium-density polyurethane foam, soft polyester liner and nice strong magnetic enclosure that equals one tough case. Ideal for damp environments – Seattleites, are you reading?

AP Gear Companion

4. Cooper X Mofi Rabbit Apple iPad Sleeve

Price: $25.95
Rating: 4.0

The wonderful plush feel of the exterior is emblazoned with the playful Mobi Rabbit on either side of the Cooper tablet case. The foam padding lining all around the interior protects iPads (or any similarly-sized tablet) from everyday incidents.

Cooper X Mofi Rabbit

5. Cooper Voda iPad Waterproof Tablet Sleeve

Price: $34.95
Rating: 3.7

Talk about your niche markets ... for those who enjoy using the tablet in shower or hot tub, read no further: This polyurethane waterproof tablet case seems designed for the purpose – even down to the pair of sturdy ringlets at the top, just begging for you to hang the thing.

Cooper Voda

6. Trident Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 Hard Case

Price: $27.99
Rating: 4.2

Combining durable silicon and polycarbonate materials to protect the Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000, this Trident Case tablet case also boasts reinforced corner and a free audio-jack extension for use at home, in the car and such.

Trident Aegis Samsung Galaxy Tab

7. Cooper Typus 7” Tablet Keyboard Case with Stylus

Price: $19.95
Rating: 3.2

Now here’s a neat little case for the Amazon Kindle Fire and Google Nexus 7. This Cooper tablet keyboard case provides that valuable typing function with a good keyboard but doesn’t skimp on security for carrying. And look – a stylus pen, too!

Cooper Typus

Competition Information

Duration: November 19 06:00AM EST – November 25 05:59AM EST
For visitors in Europe, its November 19 12:00PM CET – November 25 11:59AM CET

Registration (FREE): Visit Tablet2Cases Facebook page. Install the Free Cases Daily app.

Prize Selection: Choose your favorite case from among the 7 displayed prizes.

How to Win: Invite friends to “like” the Tablet2Cases Facebook page by using the “Invite Friends” tab at the top of the Free Cases Daily page.

Live Rankings: Each participant’s progress within the current week may be tracked by way of the “Live Ranking” table found under that labeled tab.

Winner: The Facebook user with the most “likes” for each particular tablet case wins.

And that’s all there is to it. Tablet2Cases wishes everyone the best of luck – with a modicum of effort, seven tablet owners will soon be awarded with their own best case scenario absolutely free!
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