The iPad Mini is All Wool and a Yard Wide Inside the Grove Sleeve

  • Grove Wool Sleeve
  • Grove Wool Sleeve screenshot

Grove presented an amazing tablet sleeve for the Apple iPad MiniWool Sleeve. As can be guessed from the name of the case, it’s crafted from natural wool felt material and features an exterior bamboo veneer. Such combination protects the tablet from bumps and bruises on the outside and from scratches on the inside.

The Grove Wool Sleeve is big enough to fit the iPad Mini with or without the Smart Cover attached to it. Naturally, the sleeve can also accommodate a wide range of similarly sized devices. The premium wool felt used on the case is one of the thickest in the world and is imported from Germany.

Each and every case is handmade in Portland, Oregon, ensuring the best possible quality and careful attention to every little detail. The Apple iPad Mini case combines premium materials, durable protection and ease of access to the tablet in one, great looking case.

The price for this item is $59.

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