7decibels Sabine iPad Mini 1/2/3 Sound Amplifier


Can’t hear the sound from the speakers of your iPad Mini well enough? 7decibels has created the Sabine to solve that potential problem. This single piece of anodized aluminum attaches to the tablet via a non-adhesive sticky strip and channels the speaker sound toward the user. Given that attachment is rather inconsistent, the Sabine should probably not be used while on the move.

Editor's Rating 

Whether or not there is a real need for the speaker sound to be redirected toward the user is debatable. However, it is true that you will experience somewhat louder audio output with the Sabine attached – especially benefiting the higher frequency range. This is not a killer feature, but could be useful in a place where background noise is strong. Tough it’s hard to say if this accessory solves a problem or actually creates one. That's because the real issue here is that the non-adhesive strip used to apply the accessory to the tablet does not perform consistently as expected. Several funders have complained that the Sabine would either not stay on right from the go, or lose its stickiness after some time, even after performing the manufacturer’s recommended solution of cleaning the strip with a damp cloth. In our test, the Sabine did stick fairly well. But we do not have full confidence that it would meet the rigorous criteria of real life, everyday tablet use. Rather, you may consider getting a nice pair of earphones or a case with a similar built-in sound enhancement, such as the Cooper Echo folio case. Or, one could simply subscribe to the notion that Apple audio is good as is.


  • Simplistic
  • Matches Apple look

          Overall: MEDIOCRE

          Given that we primarily deal in tablet cases on a daily basis, forgive us if we are not overwhelmingly impressed with this minimalist add-on accessory. However, the Sabine can surely be coveted by iPad owners looking to boost their tablet sound for certain applications like video-watching, Skype and FaceTime.


          • Exclusively designed for use w/ Apple iPad Mini
          • Anodized aluminum design
          • Matches the Apple tablet aesthetics
          • Available in a range of colors
          • Attaches via non-sticky residue adhesive


                        Tablet Apple iPad Mini, Apple iPad Mini 3
                        Style Accessories
                        Brand 7decibels
                        Price Budget $1 - $39
                        Dimensions 2.5 x 1.4 in (WH)
                        Exterior Material Eco-Friendly, Fabric
                        Closure Button, Strap
                        Features Smart Cover Compatible


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