Case-Mate iPad 2 Anti-Glare/Fingerprint Screen Protector


Tired of constantly having to wipe your iPad 2 screen? The Case-Mate Anti-Glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector solves several problems at once. It not only gets rid of grim and prevents greasy fingertip marks, it also keeps your iPad 2 safe from scratches on the display. On top of all that, the screen protector’s matte finish helps eliminate almost all glare. Case-Mate shows once again why they are leaders in case designs. For only $20, this is a solid investment.

Editor's Rating 

One of the most irritating battles you can have with your tablet is keeping the screen clean. Along with touchscreens come fingerprints, dust and dirt, which show up everywhere. Case-Mate has solved this problem with its new screen protector that is both anti-glare and anti-fingerprint. It’s made from a tough self-adhesive polymer, which keeps up the overall cleanliness of your iPad 2making it look even sharper. The screen protector is particularly useful to prevent greasy fingerprints from appearing all over the tablet. So, no more having to embarrassingly wipe off your tablet before you hand it to a friend.

The only problem that came up when I was using the screen protector was in the application process. Although it should be a pretty simple 5-step process (see instructional video on Case-Mate's website), it can be difficult to get all the dust off the display – if there's dust, there'll be bubbling. When you get past that first step though, everything with the screen protector works great.


  • Prevents annoying fingerprint marks
  • Included cleaning cloth

          Overall: OKAY

          Case Mate has put out another great tablet accessory. This screen protector has 3 functions: keeps away greasy fingerprints, eliminates glare and protects against scratches. Not much more than the average single-use protector. A great deal at $20!


          • Designed exclusively for use with the Apple iPad 2
          • Made from a tough self-adhesive polymer
          • Prevents fingerprints, dirt, dust and scratches
          • Easy to apply and remove
          • Includes micro-fiber cleaning cloth and an applicator card


                        Tablet Apple iPad 2
                        Style Screen Protector
                        Brand Case-Mate
                        Function -
                        Price Budget $1 - $39
                        Exterior Material Plastic


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