Cooper Kwel Sony Tablet S Rotating Folio Case


The Cooper Kwel folio tablet case design is rather unconventional, and because it’s made to fit the equally quirky Sony Tablet S shape, perhaps the two will be a good match after all. The PU leather comes in black or red, but rather than purposes of showing off, this case is mostly for users who want to keep their tablet fully functional and view it in multiple angles and formats.

Editor's Rating 

The Sony Tablet S shape is unorthodox, so how can any other 9“ tablet possibly fit inside here? Because the bezel is not a full frame design, but rather wraps only the bottom half edges and incorporates two top-fitting tabs to hold the tablet inside. In landscape format, the bezel plate measures approximately 9.5” wide and 7” high. Each tab is 1” wide, and indented 1” from the plate edge. If your 9” tablet falls within these parameters then it should fit. The only potential problem is not being able to access all buttons, input/output, and rear camera (if not center-positioned). I’ll stick to what I know - the Sony Tablet S fits and remains fully functional. The biggest issue is having to detach the bezel plate in order to use the rear-facing camera. It’s attached to the exterior cover via a single snap-on button that spins the plate a full 360° in either direction. The back cover is creased for extending the plate onto the inner cover, which features three grooves to position the display at a 50°, 60° or 75° angle in either landscape or portrait format.


  • Openings for all device controls/features
  • 360° tablet display rotation
  • Elastic strap for secure closure/carry

            Overall: MEDIOCRE

            Low in cost, but not much lower than some other solutions with distinctively better quality and looks. In the end, the only one true leg the Cooper Kwel has to stand on is its 360 degree rotating function - and this leg is a pretty strong one for doing just that.


            • Openings for all device controls/features
            • 360° tablet display rotation
            • Elastic strap for secure closure/carry


                          Tablet Sony Tablet S
                          Style Folio
                          Brand Cooper Cases
                          Price Budget $1 - $39
                          Exterior Material Faux-Leather, Polyurethane
                          Features Button Cutouts ,Port Cutouts ,Speaker Grill,Screen Pivot ,Stand Feature


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