Royal VKB Table Island Universal Tablet Stand Accessory


Can you say “repurposed”? The Royal VKB Table Island accessory is touted as a tablet stand. While essentially any sized tablet can be stored on the ‘Island’, or propped up for viewing, let’s face it: This could just as well be (and probably is) marketed as an organizer for documents, books, small items and whatnot. Nothing particularly unique for tablet owners here

Editor's Rating 

The designer of the Table Island Universal Tablet Stand Accessory is an outfit known as Officeoriginair; a quick trip online reveals the company to be a specialist in kitchen and household accessories. And so it is for the Table Island, an organizer with three standing slots and a moat-like tray at front. The Table Island is distributed by Royal VKB for purposes of marketing to the electronics-loving crowd. To be fair, the Table Island does suit the purposes of Officeoriginair’s expertise in that the tablet may be along with smaller items such as smartphones, keys, sunglasses, etc. A bit of kitchen-side functionality is suggested: Propping the tablet up in the “moat” allows for display – handy for reading recipes or watching video, while recharging the device if desired. The would-be purchaser will have to take note of his/her tablet design, however, and be sure that enough bezel exists so that unobstructed viewing is possible. As a full-on tablet accessory, the single-purpose Table Island is hardly recommendable outside of its original purpose as a kitchen organizer. One wonders in fact why this product is available via online order at all; surely those who might be interested in such an item has already found something similar at Ikea, Target or the home-improvement store of choice…?


  • High potential for use in kitchen
  • Cork makeup is lightweight and easily moved
  • Lots of storage spaces for small items, smartphone

            Overall: MEDIOCRE

            It’s not that the Table Island is a ho-hum product per se; after all, its potential handiness around the house is certainly evident. It’s just that its use with a tablet appears to be an afterthought. As stated before, most interested homeowners may likely have acquired such an item as piece of another kitchen or office set.


            • Designed by Officeoriginair
            • Made entirely of cork material
            • Available in all-natural or anthracite cork
            • Convenient space to hold wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone and an iPad
            • For compatible use with any sized tablet


                          Tablet 6'' Tablet, 7'' Tablet, 8'' Tablet, 9'' Tablet, 10'' Tablet, 11'' Tablet, 12'' Tablet
                          Style Stand, Accessories
                          Brand Royal VKB
                          Price Great Value $40-$79
                          Dimensions 8.6 x 5.5 x 13.7 in (WDH)
                          Exterior Material Eco-Friendly
                          Features Smart Cover Compatible


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