Luckies Undercover Apple iPad / 10” Envelope Case


Beyond providing basic everyday protection, Luckies designed the Undercover Tablet Sleeve to make your iPad / 10” tablet look less conspicuous while traveling in public. So long as the user doesn’t mail it by mistake, this durable envelope case should easily protect the fitted tablet from a lifetime of bumps, bruises, scratches, dust, and moisture.

Editor's Rating 

Have you been approached by a foreign intelligence agency but had to refuse their offer just because you had no way to disguise your tablet full of secrets? Dig up that old card, because your life-long secret agent dream is about to come true. This average looking Manila envelope is in fact a high tech master of deception. The Undercover sleeve is made of durable Tyvek material, a tough, breathable, tear- and splash-resistant synthetic fiber. This 20th century invention is used to create the outer shell, while the interior is lined with wonderfully bright red fabric that looks and touches like silk. A thin layer of PE foam has been sandwiched in between to offer the fitted Apple iPad or 10” tablet increased protection against bumps and dings.


  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Durable, tear- and splash-resistant exterior
  • Inconspicuous look for the tablet

Overall: Okay

    The Undercover sleeve will provide any iPad or 10” tablet excellent, long term environmental protection alongside a clever disguise. If you adore the gag of carrying your tablet around in an envelope that looks like it just arrived from Somewhereistan, then you may be already sold on this solution as your best case scenario. Just be mindful not to accidentally include it in the outgoing mail.


        • Fits any generation Apple iPad or most 10” tablets
        • Max internal dimensions: 8.0 x .98 x 10.6 in (WDH)
        • Smart Cover compatible
        • Super tough outer layer made of splash- and tear-proof Tyvek material
        • Can write or draw on the exterior
        • Strong PE foam construction
        • Quilted lining
        • Velcro locking closure
        • Designed to protect against bumps, scratches and splashes
        • Excellent disguise for your tablet
        • Fits the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Galaxy Note 10.1, Motorola Xoom, or Google Nexus 10
        • Net weight: 60g / 2.1 oz


                                              Style Envelope, Sleeve
                                              Brand Luckies
                                              Price Budget $1 - $39
                                              Exterior Material  Eco-Friendly, Fabric
                                              Features Smart Cover Compatible


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