Mach 3 Composites iPad 2/3/4 Carbon Fiber Shell


Mach 3 Composites has created this tablet back protector for the iPad 2, which is designed to give you clear access to all the device’s features/functions, as well as to be paired with the Apple smart cover . It will also attach to the New iPad 3 and considering this case is made with durable ABS and carbon fiber materials, it should still be going strong when many future generation iPads are released (perhaps fitting them too!).

Editor's Rating 

Mach 3 Composites specializes in using advanced carbon fiber technologies to develop durable case solutions for popular devices, including this design for the iPad 2 (or newest iPad). This tablet protector is a shell made of ABS material with a carbon fiber plate inlay, and the inside is lined with soft felt for offering your device a little extra comfort and some shock absorption. The shell attaches to the iPad’s top/bottom edges and corners, leaving both its left and right sides exposed. I understand its design to leave the left side open for pairing with a Smart Cover, but not the right side (maybe for those who are left-hand dominant?) This case will also fit the new iPad 3, but it won’t snap-on perfectly from the start. In order to fit this device, I attached three corners and then used a hair dryer to warm-up the last corner, and after approx. 20-30 seconds, it softened to snap-on just right.


  • Access to all iPad 2 features/functions
  • Fits the New iPad 3
  • Advanced carbon fiber material
  • Smart Cover compatible

Overall: OKAY

    Its design and price probably won’t attract many, but I think it does have appeal as a long-term investment, a case-solution that should still be going strong when the iPad50 (or beyond) is released…Who knows? It may even still fit, and your grandchildren (and possibly their children) will deliver flowers to you as thanks.


        • Works great with virtually any Smart Cover!
        • Made for iPad 2 but compatible with the newest third generation iPad
        • Additional padding on interior side for even more shock protection
        • Shell material consists of ABS with inlayed Carbon Fiber material


                                              Style Shell
                                              Brand Mach 3 Composites
                                              Function dga
                                              Price Great Value $40-$79
                                              Exterior Material  Carbon Fiber
                                              Features Smart Cover Compatible


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