UrbanTool tabBag Apple iPad / 9-11” Tablet Bag


The tabBag by UrbanTool stands out for so many reasons - great quality, solid protection, unique carrying strap design, and loads of pockets, slots and storage space for holding all the many gadgets and necessities that urbanites use on a daily basis. Yet in the eyes of some potential buyers, this tablet shoulder bag might stand out for the one thing that actually doesn’t stick out, the brand’s moniker (Surely those familiar with urban dictionary lingo know what I am talking about here.)

Editor's Rating 

To say the tabBag can hold a lot of items would be an understatement. For starters, the interior compartment features a slot (12.2” x 8.27”) for storing any 10” or 11” tablet, and has an integrated pull-strap for instant device retrieval. Separate from this pocket, there is enough space inside to also fit a couple books, documents, an umbrella, and/or a pullover sweater or lightweight jacket. The exterior offers even more, there is a zipper pocket on the backside, and four neoprene slots on the front, one of which contains a yo-yo key chain. On the side of the bag are two pen holders, and there is an added loop on the shoulder strap for clipping a cell phone or music player so the device remains easy to reach for the user.

The tabBag is not too small, nor too large, bulky or heavy, but what can take some getting used to is the function of the original transformer belt strap. After a bit of practice, the transition from backpack to over the shoulder messenger-bag style becomes a cinch effort, and something that could be easily accomplished while on the move. However wearing around the waist requires a bit more time, as the strap needs to be adjusted for a proper, secure fit. The tabBag is a durable design consisting of 100% organic canvas exterior and soft cotton interior lining. These materials combine via Velcro and zipper securing mechanisms to keep all valuable contents inside well protected against bumps, dirt, scratches, water and even a few accidental drops.


  • Holds a lot of stuff
  • Multiple ways to wear

Overall: Great

    • The TabBag is a best case scenario for those who seek a quality and versatile gadget bag for urban treks. So long as you don't mind paying a premium price or the teasing that may come from toting something with "urban tool" written on it.


      • Fits any Apple iPad or 9" to 11" sized tablet
      • 100% organic canvas material
      • Original belt strap design offers multiple ways to wear
      • Pockets, card slots and stylus/pen holders
      • Key yo-yo feature
      • Convenient pull strap for easy tablet removal
      • Adjustable transformer belt strap


                                            Style Bag
                                            Brand Urban Tool
                                            Function Travel
                                            Price High End $80 - $149
                                            Exterior Material  Fabric
                                            Features CC Spaces ,Pockets ,Shoulder Strap ,Smart Cover Compatible ,Stylus Holder


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