Woodero Curve Apple iPad 2/3/4 Walnut Wood Case


The Curve for Apple iPad 2 & New iPad 3 is the newest wood case design from Woodero. But the brand isn’t throwing us any curve-balls this time around. The Curve is a near identical match to its predecessor, the original Pure case.

Editor's Rating 

The design of the Woodero Curve is rooted in the original Pure case. The only difference between the two is shape. Well, aside from the fact that the choice walnut or cherry natural wood grains makes each Woodero case a unique specimen. The corners of the Curve have an increased roundness (hence the name). This design has a couple of advantages over the other. It is a tad extra resistant toward denting or chipping. And more complimentary of the Apple iPad 2/iPad 3 form. The tablet fits slightly embedded in the shell to prevent the lid from contacting the screen surface. We still think it deserves a soft lining. The real issue here is no access to the tablet while completely encased. The Curve features grooves in the inner shell for what the brand calls: "woodwork, woodsurf and woodview". Basically its built-in tablet stand that supports the iPad in a 10° and 70° angles. The tablet can be positioned in either landscape or portrait format. The lid is noteworthy for its discreet magnetic system that provides fail-proof automatic sleep/wake function and secure case closure. It can also serve as a shelf for supporting a keyboard accessory. Users need to be mindful that the wood can be affected by long-term exposure to heat, moisture and humidity. Most notably, potential cover lid warping. Oddly enough, the case can keep the tablet safe from such harms. The solid wood design also protects against bumps, dings, shocks, scratches and a few light accidental drops.


  • Registered invisible magnetic system
  • Integrated tablet stand feature
  • Handcrafted, limited edition cases

Overall: Good

    • Not just for tree-huggers. The Woodero Curve is the best case scenario for the Apple iPad 2/iPad 3 user who seeks a distinctly different case that meets the essential needs of solid tablet protection and display stand function.


      • Designed for the Apple iPad 2 or iPad 3
      • Made of 100% natural cherry or walnut wood with surface varnish
      • Each case is a unique specimen
      • Secure closure based on registered invisible magnetic-system
      • Automatic sleep/wake function
      • Tablet retrieved in seconds for work and presentation position
      • Built-in tablet stand feature for "woodwork, woodsurf and woodview"
      • Displays tablet at 10° and 70° angles in both landscape/portrait formats
      • The lid piece can serve as a shelf for keyboard accessory
      • Scratch and shock protection
      • Net weight: 370 g / 13 oz


                                            Style Stand
                                            Brand Woodero
                                            Price Luxury $150+
                                            Exterior Material  Wood
                                            Features Stand Feature


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