Woodero Pure Apple iPad 2/3/4 Walnut Wood Case


The three guys who founded Woodero are huge iPad fans, which clearly shows here, but could they be equally fascinated with the ever growing vampire pop-culture? This casket-like hard case design is made entirely of natural cherry wood and the magnetic lid slides open to awaken the iPad 2, or New iPad, and reversely put it to sleep once sealed shut. Of course your device will see the light of day, and the integrated stand can display it in either landscape or portrait format for "woodwork, woodsurf and woodview".

Editor's Rating 

Not Transylvanian, though close, rather Woodero is an Austrian brand that creates unique, useful products made of wood. Specifically cherry or walnut variety is incorporated to make this hard case solution for the iPad 2, and the New iPad 3. Is the wood homegrown? We don’t know for sure, but what is certain is that these two types of wood require cold weather to flourish, and Woodero does warn that long-term exposure to humidity and moisture can have a negative affect on the case design. More so, the one question you may truly find yourself asking - how did they get the magnets in here?

The lid is a mere half-millimeter thick and nowhere on its surface, or the encasing shell, can the magnets be seen, but indeed their strength can be intensely felt, assuring both sleep/wake function and secure closure during transport. (The user need be mindful to keep their credit and bank cards clear, as the mechanisms are powerful enough to render them useless.) The wood grains make each case a unique specimen, but surely the one-of-a-kind quality isn’t the only force driving-up cost, or is it? For starters, the user can’t access most controls and features until the tablet is removed from the shell and/or placed into the integrated tablet stand . Embedded grooves in the case hold the tablet at 10° and 70° angles for browsing, typing and viewing in either landscape or portrait format. Don’t like typing on the screen? The lid can be reattached to serve as a platform for a keyboard. The lightweight wood body construction shields the device from everyday wear and tear, and its slim form (1.5cm thick) makes for easy storage inside a large bag , backpack or briefcase - something I think the user will certainly want to take advantage of, not only for increasing device protection, but also preserving this rather pricey case solution.


  • Magnets for secure closure and sleep/wake
  • Integrated stand for typing/viewing
  • Each case is unique

Overall: Good

    • Not just for tree-huggers. The Woodero Pure is the best case scenario for the Apple iPad 2/iPad 3 user who seeks a distinctly different case that meets the essential needs of solid tablet protection and display stand function.


      • Designed for the Apple iPad 2 or iPad 3
      • Made of 100% natural cherry or walnut wood with surface varnish
      • Each case is a unique specimen
      • Secure closure based on registered invisible magnetic-system
      • Automatic sleep/wake function
      • Tablet retrieved in seconds for work and presentation position
      • Built-in tablet stand feature for "woodwork, woodsurf and woodview"
      • Displays tablet at 10° and 70° angles in both landscape/portrait formats
      • The lid piece can serve as a shelf for keyboard accessory
      • Scratch and shock protection
      • Net weight: 370 g / 13 oz


                                            Style Stand
                                            Brand Woodero
                                            Price Luxury $150+
                                            Exterior Material  Wood
                                            Features Stand


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