Cooper X Belk Bandera Apple iPad 2/3/4 Folio


Emblazoned in a range of flag-based designs, Cooper X Belk Bandera cases are great conversation pieces that provide all the basics sought in a folio tablet case . The user would still be well advised not to become too attached as some simple construction infers these themed tablet cases might not age well.

Editor's Rating 

Cooper and Belk have teamed up to create the Bandera flag-themed series for Apple iPad 2 or new iPad 3/4. These tablet cases for fans are essentially straightforward folio cases with iconic, eye-catching pattern designs. Beyond the covers, these cases are pretty standard stuff. The PU leather exterior provides a decent enough grip and can protect well enough against everyday foes of the iPad. Smart cover-style creases form the typical tablet stand for typing and viewing in landscape mode. And a magnet for sleep/wake function is also in place. Microfiber lining makes up the interior for additional screen protection against scratches and the like while carrying. The iPad snaps into the plastic shell securely, and precise cutouts keep it fully operational. The Bandera cases come at an attractive price. Unfortunately, that low cost also comes with a bit of bad news behind it. Extremely disconcerting is the binding connecting cover to back. The case is well stitched on the front side, but only the thinnest of seams runs along a strip of material thin enough to be cut by household scissors. Also, the PU leather cover does not appear to be adhered very well to the rear-shell. And after some simple tests, the cover already showed signs of chipping off in some areas. Though it may prove disposable, the Cooper X Belk Bandera will in the meantime make a great tablet case for fans who want to display their nation’s colors with great pride.


  • Nation flag pattern designs
  • Nice secure fit for the tablet
  • Attractive low cost

Overall: Mediocre

    The Cooper X Belk Bandera series impresses most with an eye-catching design and price. Beyond providing all the basics, this is ultimately the best case scenario for those who like to proudly wave their national colors.


        • Works with the Apple iPad 2, new iPad 3/4
        • Polycarbonate rear shell with fold-over cover
        • Soft-touch PU leather exterior with natural grain effect
        • National flag pattern on front and backsides
        • Automatic sleep/wake function
        • Cutouts for buttons, input/output ports and rear-facing camera
        • Velvety-smooth microfiber interior lining
        • Smart-like cover design folds for tablet stand support
        • Provides 15° and 75° angles for typing/viewing in landscape format
        • Scratch and water-resistant material design
        • Provides good all-around protection against basic wear and tear
        • Net weight: 202 g / 7.1 oz


                                              Style Folio
                                              Brand Cooper Cases
                                              Function Themed, Womens
                                              Price Budget $1 - $39
                                              Exterior Material  Faux-Leather
                                              Features Sleep/Wake Cover ,Stand Feature


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