DannyPstyle Combines Beauty With Functionality in Leather iPad Sleeve

The Leather iPad Sleeve from DannyPstyle is not just an ordinary tablet sleeve, the case combines beautiful and luxurious looks with practical everyday functionality. Handmade from premium Italian leather, the case is compatible with iPad 2-4, iPad Air, and Apple iPad Air 2 generations, offering them great impact protection. On the inside the sleeve is lined with natural velour offering impeccable scratch protection and keeping the tablets in pristine condition at all times. There are no locks and closures meaning immediate access to the case, but the tight fit ensures the device won’t slip out accidentally.

About DannyPstyle:
I started with sketches and made my first prototype using paper and a stapler. When I was satisfied with the design, I asked my friends with iPhones whether such a case would be useful to them, too. I received positive feedback and decided to try and sell them under the Danny P. brand.

I already had a basic idea about the shape, material and colors I wanted to use, but I am not a designer (unfortunately). So I took my idea to my friend Lukas who is a designer and architect. He was so enthusiastic about the concept that we started to work on this project together.

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