5 Waterproof Tablet Cases Perfect for the Beach


A trip to the beach or pool can be easily ruined if you drop your tablet into water. Stress less and have more fun by purchasing tablet cases that are waterproof. These cases protect your tablet from water while still providing the same functionality. They come in all price points to fit every budget and will ensure your beach day is filled surf and not stress!



Cooper Voda Mini Universal Waterproof Sleeve





Price $29.95 $9.95


For no-nonsense protection from dust, grime and especially water, the Cooper Voda Mini waterproof sleeve is a good choice. This case fits a range of 6" to 8" tablets and includes an adjustable shoulder strap for added convenience. It is made from scratch & water resistant polyurethane and features an airtight waterproof seal. The best part is it only costs $9.95.



Cooper Voda Universal Waterproof Sleeve





Price $39.95 $17.95


Made with a waterproof polyurethane, this sleeve is ideal for anyone who loves the beach. Its clear plastic window maintains screen touch sensitivity, while rotating dial locks give the sleeve an airtight seal. This sleeve fits a range of tablets like the iPad and iPad Air and includes an adjustable shoulder strap. It is available in white or black and costs $17.95.



DiCAPac WP-i20 Floating Waterproof Case




Price $26.95


Every water sports and recreation enthusiast woud love DiCAPac air bag. It neatly packs your tablet so it can float, dive and stay safe from dust, sand, scratches, rain and snow. Made from a single mold reinforced silicon material, this case provides clear access to all tablet buttons, ports and even rear-camera. You can listen to music, make calls or use apps, while floating in a river or laying on the beach. It was designed for the iPad, iPad Air and Mini and costs $26.95. 



DiCAPac WP-T7/WP-T10 Floating IPX8 Waterproof Case




Price $23.45


Designed to go in the water with you, the DiCAPac WP-T7 is perfect for pool and beach days. The dedicated case is designed to fit any 9” tablet and features IPX8 certification ensuring safe submersion up to 5m deep. Never worry about it sinking. A built in floatation airbag keeps it buoyant and prevents it from sinking even when you let go of it in water. It comes in four colors and costs $23.95 for 7-8” tablets and $28.95 for 9-10.1” tablets.



Cooper Submarine IP68 Rugged Waterproof Case




Price $49.95 $33.45


Be the envy of the beach with a perfectly protected entertainment center. Designed exclusively for iPad, the Cooper Submarine can take dives of up to 1m for the duration of up to 30mins. The transparent display remains responsive underwater, allowing you to take selfies even when swimming! Two-piece shell design makes it easy to put together, while appropriate cutouts for cameras, ports and buttons allow you to charge it while in the case. Get this tablet for the iPad Air 2, iPad 2/3/4 and Mini 1/2/3 for $33.45. 



These waterproof cases are ideal for summer and days spent near the water. Get one before your next beach vacation!

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