Be a US History Buff by Downloading These 4 History Apps to Your Tablet

US-History-History-Apps-for-Tablet-ipad-smartphoneAmerica is steeped in history, from the Revolutionary War to the election of the first African American president. With so much history, it can be hard to remember all the facts and dates that made this nation so great. Luckily, there are many apps available that help teach us about history in fun and interesting ways. You can learn more about US history by downloading 1 of these 4 tablet history apps.



American History Interactive Timeline



Learn about American history starting from 1492, using the American History Interactive Timeline. It features more than 500 photos and paintings taken straight from history books. Watch videos and hear audio from World War I to present day including speeches from past presidents. The app is separated into 11 periods that are easy to navigate. Get information about important events and people, from Christopher Columbus to the War on Terror.  It is developed specifically for iPad and can be purchased in the app store.



Constitution for iPad



To see where America started and learn more about the people who started it, download the Constitution. Read the Constitution word for word while learning more about the Founding Fathers and all those who signed this famous document. See paintings from the signing as well as portraits of all the famous men who were in attendance. It is built for iPAD and available for download in the app store.



USA Presidents



This flashcard app helps users learn about all 44 presidents of the United States. Every card shows the president’s name, number, political party and dates spent in office. It also features each president's’ official presidential photo. Six different quizzes exist including, name vs. number, dates vs. name, picture vs. name and more. Take the multiple choice quizzes to see how much you know or use the flashcards to test yourself on specific presidents. It is available for iOS in the app store.



The American Quiz



The American Quiz, asks questions about all things American, not just US history. It may ask who the 23rd president of the United States was, or what team won the Super Bowl last year. Answer the questions by typing  into the answer box. Challenge friends to quizzes and if you need to, ask for help using the hint tool. The American Quiz features hundred of questions about the US and is available for both iOS and Android.



Want to be the history buff in your family or friend group this Independence Day?

Learn more about the United States with 1 of these 4 history apps perfect for both tablets and smartphones.

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