Pelican ProGear S140 Sports Elite Apple iPad / 10" Tablet Backpack

The Pelican ProGear S140 Sports Elite Backpack offers all the storage you need and durability to withstand shock damage too. Its ergonomically designed offering a comfortable rubber grip handle, adjustable shoulder and waist straps with easy release, plus strong plates with padding at the back. While all this is certainly nice, the stand-out feature in this quality Pelican case is it's built-in watertight and crushproof case, which is especially designed to keep your stored iPad, 10" tablet, and/or other electronics perfectly safe as you travel. (Click on the Editor's Rating section below to read what one staff member says after putting the S140 to his own personal adventure test.

Editor's Rating 

The Peli Progear S140 Backpack makes great use of space. Every inch is utilized to maximum efficiency even down to the sleeves on the carry straps. The built-in, top-loading tablet case is well padded as well so that your stored equipment is very likely to survive most any drop. The front plate is quite rigid and seems like it will absorb a moderate amount of damage. You can feel confident checking this bag in the luggage hold each time you fly; knowing the padded case and material of the bag will protect your important gadgets from a few careless baggage handlers.

The S140 is comfortable to wear thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps and padded lumbar. A foldaway compartment reveals a removable hip belt and the ventilated padding on the back is a great idea for hot climates. The bright orange color is a clever idea for extra visibility when used for hiking outdoors. It’s made from water resistant material to a depth of 1 meter so even an accidental drop into a small stream won't harm the equipment inside. The case itself snaps firmly shut and seals to provide water-tight protection for the equipment stored within.

The generous amount of storage space is an attractive bonus for this bag; in fact you can store up to 20 liters. Any Apple iPad, as well as most any 10" inch tablet, will fit inside the built-in watertight/crushproof storage case. And inside there is even a padded protection divider for external keyboard accessories. Basically, there’s enough room here for everything but the kitchen sink.

Various compartments at the front and side allow space for mobile phone, charger, batteries, camera equipment, lenses or scientific test equipment and meters. The Pelican ProGear S140 Elite Sports Tablet Backpack appears designed for the serious professionals. Many industry gurus will find the S140 incredibly useful and valuable, such as scientists, global jetsetters, videographers, film makers, and photo journalists.

Overall the Peli Progear just shines above all the rest with great value, tons of storage room and excellent protection.

The S140 Gets Put to the Test:

I recently went on a bike touring holiday and decided to take our sample Pelican ProGear S140 Sports Elite backpack out for a test ride. Generally, my trusty Chrome messenger bag always goes with me. But for this particular trip I wanted to bring along some delicate items, including my iPad Mini tablet and art supplies. So the S140 and its built-in watertight/crushproof storage compartment presented itself as the next best solution.

Admittedly, I was hesitant at first given the S140 is a something of a heavy-weight at 2.6 pounds, empty. But after riding 70 km on the first day, mostly through steady rain, it was clear I had chosen the right solution for travel. Though I was completely soaked to the bone, not a drop of water penetrated any part of the S140. Thankfully of course, I did not need to test its crushproof attribute.

For me, the S140 weighed in at around 10 pounds when packed. Here is the complete list of items that were fitted (with a bit of room to spare):

Padded lumbar storage:1 towel (50 x 70 cm); 1 bike tire pump; 1 pair of nylon water shoes
Main storage:Denim pants; hooded zip pullover; polo shirt; pajama-pants; t-shirt; swim-shorts; socks and underpants (2 ea.)
Rigid-plated front pocket:Toiletry bag (full with personal hygiene products); bike tool kit, incl. 1 spare tire; Wallet, keys and phone
Watertight, crushproof case: iPad Mini; 1 pad of drawing paper (A4 size); pastels (box of 12)

Surprisingly, the S140 seemed to shred considerable weight once harnessed on my back. In my opinion this can be attribute this to the nice, robust padding, particularly in the lumbar region. I just wished the shoulder straps had been given the same attention. The thin floating straps pinched a bit too much, and in my experience, this ended up causing some discomfort and soreness over the long haul. Another minor issue is the somewhat awkward design of the handle feature. I can’t figure out why it was not simply engineered to hinge and lock alongside the storage box’s latch. As it stands, the handle does not lock at all and there were times when it would bump the back of my head while riding. This was not enough to cause brain damage, but an annoyance nonetheless.

The S140 did in fact make an overall good impression on me. What stands out most is the quality construction. I mean, this thing feels genuinely capable of circling the globe at least two times over. (No wonder why Pelican offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products, you’ll probably never need to use it.)

But I still cherish my Chrome messenger bag more. Quite simply, the S140 doesn’t offer enough to me personally to justify the high expense. Of course it’s still worth mentioning that had I actually paid for the item, then the S140’s performance in the rain alone would have proven it to be a wise investment.

Ultimately, I regard the S140 as a professional’s bag (and its price tag probably confirms this to be true). Attention journalists, photographers, engineers, park rangers, and other working field professionals with sensitive equipment to transport, the S140 is seemingly designed with you all in mind. Oh, dream of all the places your valuable gadgets may go…


  • Water-tight pressurized release compartment
  • Holds a lot of stuff
  • Water resistant exterior

      Overall: VERYGOOD

        It’s hard to find a single flaw in this great backpack. We love the Pelican ProGear S140 for its massive amount of compartment space which keeps all your equipment safe, secure, and dry. For the serious professional this is a must have tablet accessory that also works well for additional valuable equipment you use daily or on location in the field.


          • Tablet compartment interior dimensions: 7.6 x 1.3 x 10.4 inches
          • Built-in Watertight, Crushproof case for electronic devices
          • Padded divider separates tablet and keyboard accessory (each sold separately)
          • Top-loading case for swift, easy access to your tablet
          • SureGrip soft rubber handle
          • Rigid front plate for extra shock absorption
          • Padded lumbar storage cavity
          • Floating shoulder straps and lumbar pad
          • Ergonomic ventilated back
          • Chest clip and removable hip belt
          • 20.5 liter main storage
          • Watertight up to 1 meter for 30 minutes
          • Pressure equalization valve prevents vacuum lock


                                                Style Bag, Rugged & Tough
                                                Brand Pelican
                                                Price Luxury $150+
                                                Exterior Material  Nylon, Plastic
                                                Features Handles, Pockets, Rugged/Tough


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