Digital Treasures Pocket Pro 7’’ Hard Shell Tablet Sleeve

It’s similar to a case-design for storing reading/sunglasses, but the Pocket Pro Hard Shell was built to hold any 7” tablet and offer it outstanding protection. Better yet, there is an extra pocket for holding other accessories such as a charger, headphones, stylus pen, notepad, or even your eyeglasses.

Editor's Rating 

The Pocket Pro Hard Shell meets more practical needs with a useful solution for an inexpensive price, created for those who believe device protection is priority number one. In terms of protection, this tablet sleeve acts more like a rugged-style case. The design consists of an outer shell made of shock-absorbing EVA material and soft velvet interior, and the whole thing closes secure with dual zipper lock. You can see in the picture above that there are two pockets; the mesh pocket on the right is for cradling your device, and the neoprene pocket on the left pocket is for holding other important items that you need to get through a busy day. Since objects stored in the accessory pocket are loose fitted, I recommend that the tablet be inserted with its backside facing you as to prevent any bulky/heavy items from potentially knocking against the screen during a serious drop or impact.


  • Extra pocket for storing accessories
  • Smooth functioning dual-zipper mechanism
  • Very inexpensive

      Overall: Mediocre

        Gumdrop cases are great for their extreme protection and cool, rugged looks, but the Props Pocket Pro Hardshell is great for its rugged protection and extreme affordability that won’t cost you much more than a handful packs of gum.


            • Fits 7-inch tablets with dimensions of 7.6x5.1x.5 inches, or less (including Samsung Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry PlayBook)
            • Deep interior pocket for power adapter and accessories
            • Soft-mesh pocket to securely hold tablet
            • Protective EVA outer shell
            • Velvety fabric interior
            • Dual zippers lock


                                                      Style Folio
                                                      Brand Digital Treasures
                                                      Price Budget $1 - $39
                                                      Exterior Material Polyurethane
                                                      Features Pockets


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