Slip Stopper Apple iPad Mini 1/2/3 Gel Skin Case

The Slip Stopper Apple iPad Mini Gel Skin Case is a case (so to speak) of brand name as complete descriptor. The Slip Stopper is a transparent skin that, after applying, provides a nice grip for in-hand carrying or placement on not-necessarily-stable surfaces; perfect for use of the Apple iPad Mini on trains, in the car or anywhere.

Editor's Rating 

We’re not exactly ready to label the gel resin making up the Slip Stopper skin case a “miracle of science,” but words such as “innovative” and “unique” certainly come to mind. Somehow, the creators of this product have managed to produce a material that prevents slippage once applied to the iPad Mini and increases grip-ability but will not stick to other items accompanying the device in pocket or bag. Use of this skin is typical of its variety: Simply pop out of the box, peel back the adhesive and apply to the appropriate surface. As always, make sure to apply carefully to avoid those troublesome air bubbles sneaking in. Of course, the gel resin material in the Slip Stopper make reapplication a bit easier than the typical skin; this material is fully capable of dozen of applications with no loss of adhesion. For those of us old enough to remember, this accessory recalls the old Colorforms sets except, you know, see-through. While the front-piece is naturally transparent, the Slip Stopper is available in two colors – black and white – in order to match the iPad Mini. The ultimate effect is one that the creators sought from the go, i.e. a seamless non-bulky protector for the device.


  • No-slip grip helps prevent drops
  • Adhesive leaves no residue, can be applied dozens of times
  • Low price

      Overall: GOOD

        So the Slip Stopper lacks the personality seen in other tablet skins with custom design. In exchange for style, this skin brings substance, however. For a little extra in one of the simplest tablet accessories, the Slip Stopper is a best case scenario.


            • Created from unique gel resin material
            • Scratch-resistant and shock-absorbing material
            • Adds grip to the device without any unnecessary bulk
            • The ‘grippy’ material won’t stick in your pocket
            • Patented 3M adhesive technology leaves absolutely no residue and is reusable
            • Offers peace of mind and no longer worry about your iPad sliding from your hands or slipping off the table or car dashboard
            • SmartCover compatible
            • Clear access to iPad Mini buttons, ports, speakers and rear-camera
            • Available in black or white to compliment the Apple iPad Mini device


                                                      Style Skin
                                                      Brand Slip Stopper
                                                      Price Budget $1 - $39
                                                      Exterior Material  Plastic
                                                      Features Button Cutouts, Port Cutouts, Speaker Grill, Smart Cover Compatible


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