9 Cases Perfect for the iPad Pro 9.7

Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro 9.7

Did you recently purchase the new iPad Pro? Are you looking for a way to make sure it stays safe, while still being functional? Then look no further. No matter if you bought the tablet for home, work or travel there is a case perfect for you.



Cases for Home


Cooper Infinite Folio

Keyboard Cases for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $10.95

Costing less than $11 the Infinite Folio offers a simplistic design packed with features. Four plastic claws grip the tablet corners, securing it in the case, while an elastic strap holds the case closed. Fold the case back to turn it into a stand that can be used in both landscape and portrait mode for hands-free viewing. No matter your personality there is a color to match as the Infinite Folio comes in 5 colors.




Cooper Infinite S360

Cooper Infinite S360 Folio Tablet Case for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $13.95

The S360 is $1 more than its sister case the Infinite Folio but offers more features. Rotate that tablet 360 degrees for viewing in landscape or portrait mode. Four etched in grooves also allow the tablet to be placed at different angles. It costs $11.45 and comes in 3 colors.



Cooper Diplomat Rotating Portfolio Case

Cooper Diplomat Folio Tablet Case for iPad Pro 9.7

Price from $13.95

Like the Infinite Folio, the Diplomat folds into a stand and features hard plastic claws and an elastic strap to hold the tablet securely in place. Other features include 3 card holder pockets and an A5 pocket to hold notes and other papers. This case costs $15.45 and comes in 4 colors.



Cases for Work

Cooper Infinite Executive Bluetooth Keyboard Folio

Cooper Infinite Executive Touchpad Keyboard Tablet Case for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $13.45

The Infinite Executive is a sleek keyboard folio case perfect for doing business in and out of the office. It features a magnetically removable QWERTY keyboard with useful shortcuts and 60 hours of battery life. The faux leather case secures the tablet with elastic claws, while a built in kickstand allows for hands-free viewing. It costs $29.95 and comes in 6 colors.



Cooper Aurora LED Keyboard Folio

Cooper Aurora Pro Keyboard Tablet Case for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $55.95

Dress up your tablet for future business meetings with the Cooper Aurora. Featuring a QWERTY keyboard that is backlit and removeable it is ideal for typing emails or taking notes in an important meeting. It costs $55.95 and comes in 5 colors.



Cooper NoteKee F8S Clamshell Backlight Keyboard CaseCooper NoteKee F8S Keyboard Clamshell Tablet Case for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $9.95

Make your device feel more like a laptop and less like a tablet with the Cooper NoteKee. Clip the tablet into the top of the case and make use of the backlit QWERTY keyboard anytime of day or night. It costs $54.95 and comes in 4 colors.



Cases for Travel

Uniq Voyager Air Heritage Universal Travel Organizer Portfolio SleeveUniq Voyager Travel Tablet Case for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $49.00

Travel in style with the the Voyager Air Heritage. This tablet sleeve holds everything in one place including a tablet, credit cards, charging cables, headphones and even a smartphone. Two large pockets fit magazines and other papers, while a middle fabric loops fits a pen or stylus. Made of vegan leather, the sleeve features a fashionable two-tone design and magnetic closure. It costs $49 and comes in the 3 colors.



Cooper Magic Carry II PRO Shoulder Strap Folio

carry pro


Price from $22.45

Carry your tablet through the airport without needing an extra bag with the Cooper Magic Carry. Once at your destination remove the strap and use the case to create a stand for hands-free viewing in three angles or try the hand strap for easy reading. It costs $22.45.



Mujjo Slim Fit Leather SleeveMujjo Slim Tablet Sleeve for iPad Pro 9.7


Price from $69.95

Made of leather, the Mujjo sleeve makes traveling easy with a pocket for the tablet and one for it’s accessories. It is slim, simplistic and created to perfectly fit the iPad Pro. The leather come in two vegetable tanned colors black and tan and costs from $69.95. 



Fit your iPad Pro with a case perfect for home, work or play, with one of these 9 tablet cases. Already using one of them? Let us know in the comments below.

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