Top Apps to Make Businesses More Productive

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Businesses, especially those with less than 100 employees, need to focus on being as productive as possible. This is because with fewer employees, small businesses have to make up for their size with overall work output.

To do this many companies are turn to apps to help boost their business’s productivity. These apps can be used on tablets and smartphones and connect employees with each other and their work.

Check out some of the top apps to make your business and employees more productive.



best productivity apps for tablets and smartphones Basecamp is a project management app that helps keep track every employee’s assignments. Create “To-do” lists for every employee or department to ensure everyone is completing their work and on time.

Add a due date and individual assignments to each project, like content writing, graphic design and more. Create a group chat, to stay in communication with your employees and lift people up by giving them applause for a job well done. Get notifications on work that is due as well as comments left on completed assignments. Want to know what is overdue? Pull a report or check out individual employee profiles.
The app is free for iOS and Android, but costs businesses as little as $29 a month to implement.



best productivity business apps for tablets and smartphones

According to research Slack lessen emails by more than 48 percent! Slack is a chat application that puts all your team communication on one platform. Message employees individually or in a group or set channels for different departments. Send and open files easily, right through the app. Have other tools you use like support requests? Integrate your other apps with Slack and receive all your notifications in one place.

The app is free for iOS and Android, but costs businesses about $6 an employee to implement.




best productivity business apps for tablets and smartphones password protection

Remembering passwords for every account your business holds can be difficult. Not only that but it can take a lot of time to find passwords if that are not saved in one place. Enter LastPass, a password management app that stores and secures every password you use. The best thing about LastPass is you only have to remember one password.

Login to the app and gain access to a list of accounts and their passwords. The app uses high level encryption, making everything you store there extremely safe. Want a secure password for a new account? Have LastPass create it for you. This will ensure it is always strong and hard to recreate.

The app is completely free for iOS and Android.


Help your employees connect to each other and their work using these 3 apps built to make your business more productive. Have a productivity app you love? Tell us about it in the comments below.


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