All you need to know about Cryptocurrency Payment

Secure Cryptocurrency Payment Solutions Now Available On Tablet2Cases

Shopping and paying online has become a normal part of our buying experience now. There are multiple online payment processors and payment gateways available which facilitate online payment.

Our customers have always been able to enjoy shopping at Tablet2Cases online and paying for their purchases through our trusted online payment partners PayPal and Stripe.

Here is some good news for our customers! We now accept payments for your purchases fromTablet2Cases in digital cryptocurrency too. We process crypto currency payment using the services of crypto wallet – Coinbase. 

How Do I Use Coinbase to Pay?

Coinbase allows you to pay at our website by signing in to your Coinbase account. This is conditional to you having funded your Coinbase account.

You can also scan a QR code or use a Bitcoin address on your Coinbase app to pay for your purchases on our website. The QR code can be used to pay us from Crypto Wallets other than our partner Coinbase. Scanning the QR code will autofill our crypto address and the amount. All you need to do then is to tap on send to complete the transaction.

Is Coinbase a Safe Way to Pay?

Coinbase is a safe and legitimate way to pay for online purchases. Coinbase is a well established and trustworthy crypto exchange. It uses strong security measures to keep your money safe. Coinbase has one of the safest web wallets and it stores the majority of its assets – almost 98% in offline storage where it is safe from cybercriminals. The remaining assets that are available online are insured against theft and fraud or loss of funds. In the highly unlikely scenario that you may lose money, it is indemnified and will be returned to you. The US customers have more protection with FDIC insurance provided by coinbase for deposits up to US$ 250000.

The wallet service uses strong encryption to ensure the safety of all its customers, wallet, wallet addresses and private keys.

What other payments do we accept?

  • Visa, Master Card, AMEX Credit & Debit Cards
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Shop Pay
  • PayPal

Are Online Payments on Tablet2Cases Secure?

Our payment processors have the latest encryption technology known as SSL certificates, firewalls, two-factor authentications, and robust scanning software. Multiple layers of security provide powerful protection for your data and information, making online payments secure.

Third parties and the world's leading payment processors will handle your payment transaction. You can use all of the payment options on our website without worrying.


Our online payment options are very secure and safe if you follow all the safe transaction policies. The online payment solutions used by Tablet2cases are all reputed Payment processors and payment gateways are trusted by e-commerce websites and customers across the globe for their high standards of security and privacy of your data.

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