Introducing the Cooper ChatStand

If you love video chatting on your phone or recording videos on it, you know the struggle of keeping your hand still. But, hey, worry no more!

Cooper Cases has introduced an innovative product which not only makes your life simpler by holding your phone steadily in place, but also improves the quality of the videos.

Cooper Chat Stand is a light weight, portable stand with an anti-slip mobile holder. It’s a must-have equipment for not only those who need to video call their friends and family often, but also for those who want to make videos or take lessons without having to hold the phone in hand.


Perfect phone angle for holding video calls, watching movies, reading. Position screen height 9 to 14" (incl. 360° rotation & 50° tilt) to avoid text neck, back strain & bad camera angles. Extra-wide 2.4-3.7” clip-on holders.

Stable phone holder for Desk

Well made, easy to assemble desk cell phone stand with wide stable base that won't slip or tip over. Grippy clip-on iPhone holder for desk won't drop phone.

Work Desk Essential

Hold work meetings, video conferences, video calls, and video performance reviews while your hands are free to type and take notes. Get a stable angle showing you from face-level position instead of the camera looking up your nose.

Video Call with Perfect Facetime

The perfect companion for video calling with an eye-level view. No more arm and hand ache from holding up your phone during zoom meetings. Get the perfect angle for Facetime video and Duo calls. Ideal for family calls, calls with kids and grandparents, catching up with friends, work from home office, and business calls.

Watch Movies & Videos

Clip your phone into the phone holder to watch movies and videos while your hands are free to eat, work, type, craft, write or take notes.

Home Cooking

Free your hands when cooking. Use the hands-free phone holder to follow recipe instructions and prepare food without having to touch your phone and ingredients at the same time. Or have a video call while you cook!

Recording TikTok and YouTube videos

Record content with professional "shake-free" videos on your desk table for podcasts and selfies. Also shoot over-the-head videos showing what you are doing.

Learning an Instrument

You no longer need to print out lengthy sheet music or guitar tabs. Save paper and time by practicing with your hands-free ChatStand instead. Also perfect for learning songs through YouTube tutorials!

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