A Closer Look at New Mujjo Leather Cases for iPhone 11 Family

Shopping for a new phone case is a thrilling experience. It's also hard. Where do you start with so many cases to choose from?

Mujjo has the answer with the all-new Full Leather cases for iPhone 11 family. They are protective, stylish and full of character. 

Mujjo’s Best Leather Case Yet for the iPhone 11

Mujjo uses simple, yet refined designs for their products. The new 2019 range of Full Leather Cases for the Apple iPhone 11 family is no different.

The cases are beautiful and durable. They feature supple, soft grain leather wrapped over the case.

Unlike other iPhone 11 cases, Mujo's full-grain vegetable-tanned leather has unique aging properties.

The case is luxurious from the inside as well. It's lined with a satin-like microfiber sourced from Japan.

The cover has a raised bezel around the screen. It shields your iPhone's glass from damage and abrasive surfaces.


Available for iPhone 11 family

Mujjo's new Full Leather cases are available for all the latest Apple phones.



Premium Full-Grain Leather

Beautiful, while keeping it simple. The case is slim with leather fully wrapping the cover's profile.

The leather is vegetable-tanned keeping natural, organic looks. Each grain is visible. Any scuffs you'll find are natural. If you are lucky, you can even find mosquito bites.


Beautiful Leather Patina

Unlike Apple's leather cases, the leather on Mujjo's cases ages fast. It's the main feature that sets their iPhone 11 cases apart.

The cases take a few weeks to wear-in. Over time your case will develop its own unique character. How you use it, where you hold it, how you scratch it will define the case's looks.

Uniquely yours, one scratch at a time.


Leather Covered Buttons

It looks nice, but how well does it function?

Unlike Apple's cases, Mujjo's cases cover the buttons in leather. The responsive design is easy to use. Like all leather, it takes a bit of use for the leather to wear in and soften.


Protected Screen Edges

The raised leather edges protect the screen. Protruding by 1mm, they prevent scuffs and scratching by keeping the screen away from rough surfaces.


Lined with luxurious Japanese microfiber

The case's interior features premium microfiber lining from Japan. It gives extra soft protection much closer to your iPhone.

The material is very soft. It's light to reduce the weight of the case.


Lose Your Wallet with the Leather Wallet Case

Mujjo also released the flagship wallet case. It builds on all features of the Full Leather case, adding a cardholder pocket stitched to the back.

For easy card access, the leather pouch slants diagonally. The layout is slightly different for iPhone 11 Pro vs bigger iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Max designs.

The wallet holds 2 to 3 cards once the leather wears in. It's a tight fit at first. Expect it to get better over a few weeks.

Over time the leather will soften and stretch. Depending on how you use the pocket, it can stretch to fit up to five cards at once.

This unique feature can end your bulky pockets. Leave your wallet at home. At least on a daily basis, all you'll need is your phone and keys.

As with the full leather case, the Full Leather Wallet case is available for all iPhone 11 models.



Two iPhone Cases to Suit Your Style

Which iPhone case should you buy? Plain leather case or the Wallet case? It depends on your style.

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet case is practical. Slot your credit card, driving license or travel pass in the case. Two or three cards is enough for the day. Leave your wallet at home.

Want your case super slim? Then the sleek look of the Mujjo Full Leather case will be the best option for you.

Both cases come in Black, Tan, Monaco blue, and Alpine green.


Where to Buy

Available in Tablet2Cases online store. See Mujjo collection for more details. 


Get Yours Now. Free Shipping Worldwide.

Tablet2Cases is an exclusive reseller of Mujjo products on Amazon as well. On sale at Amazon USA, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Japan, Amazon Australia and Amazon UAE.

Do you like the Mujjo full leather or full leather wallet case best? Which color is a must-have? Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

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