It's Not a Case. It's a Space Suit! New Bam Bino Rhino Models Launched

Rhino - super rugged kids case for Apple iPad

Continuous improvement. It's what fuels and motivates the team behind Bam Bino Cases. They are out on a mission to make the best tablet case for kids yet.

It's a high bar to set. Competing with Speck, Otterbox, Belkin, and Griffin is not easy. Each of those brands is huge.

What can Bam Bino Cases do against their budgets?

Listen to customers.


The Rhino - a super rugged case from Bam Bino Cases

Bam Bino Cases released a third product - the Rhino. It is built from customer feedback for the other two products - Bam Bino Box and Bam Bino Hero. The Box had issues with a handle. The Hero left the screen exposed.

Bam Bino team combined all the best features to build a super rugged tablet case. It's as thick as Rhino's shell, hence the name. It is designed to be hit.


Available for Apple iPad and select Samsung Galaxy Tabs

Three new models are released in time for Christmas. It's now available in five sizes:

  1. Rhino case for iPad Pro 11
  2. Rhino case for iPad 6th/5th Generation, iPad Pro 9.7, iPad Air 2/1
  3. Rhino case for iPad mini 3, 2, 1
  4. Rhino case for Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5
  5. Rhino case for Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (2019)

The case comes with a screen protector. Bam Bino guys call it a screen guard. It needs to be applied to the tablet first, then both inserted into the case.

Once your tablet is in, nothing can hurt it. It's precisely like a spacesuit. Ready to go into outer space.


See the cases


What's different?

There are similar cases by Otterbox. More expensive. And not the same.

The difference is that a) Bam Bino Rhino is for kids, and b) they are substantially cheaper (a quarter of the price).

Choose which reason you like best. We like both. We call it the Otterbox for kids. The Bam Bino Rhino. Hoo-haa!


Touch-sensitive screen guard

The screen protector is a significant upgrade on the previous two models. It was something customers wanted. And it's now part of the case.

Attach it to your screen. Then insert it into the case.

It's tricky to get it in for three reasons.

1. A tight fit absorbs impact better
2. Keeps the tablet from falling out
3. Prevents kids from removing the case

Insert one corner at a time. Use the manual for guidance.

Remember to congratulate yourself when done. You've just put on your first tablet spacesuit.

Your tablet is now indestructible.


A case for the kid in each of us

As the cover is for children, the construction is very intentional.

The casing is from thick EVA foam to absorb damage in falls. It's drop-proof against accidents and life. It won't chip or shatter because it's soft. Safe for kids of all ages.

The shell has cutouts to access the camera, volume buttons, and charger. You won't need to take it off to use your tablet.


Easy to carry and stand

The large handle makes Rhino easy to transport, particularly with smaller hands. It's great for travel or hauling around the house.

The handle is perfect for people with mobility issues. Anyone who struggles to grip well will find it easy to hold — children, adults, people with disabilities, and grandparents.

Two legs fold out from the back for stand support. Choose the movie mode to be entertained. Or flip the case for an excellent drawing angle.

Legs are from EVA, as well. Hard to break. Also very stable. It's a highly practical aspect of the case.


Over the shoulder strap

The inclusion of a shoulder strap was not an afterthought. The Rhino was designed to have it from the start. Attach it when needed. Extend the strap for different heights.

It's convenient when your hands are busy. Like during travel. Or when you are carrying your coffee mug in one hand and a walking stick in another! And you don't want to do two rounds. Like kids normally do...

Another novelty is the safety clip. It automatically releases when pulled hard to prevent choking. Useful when kids dart through the house about to get caught on a door handle.


Stylus storage & charging slot

Keep your Apple Pencil (or stylus) with you at all times.

All but the iPad mini Rhino models have a slot on the back for holding the stylus. This feature is more for adults, just like the black color.

The iPad Pro 11 model was customized even further. It has a slot below the handle for charging the Pencil.

It's compatible with Pencil 2nd generation which charges magnetically from the iPad. A beautiful feature that Bam Bino Cases worked hard to include.


Lifetime "University" Warranty

The days of boring satisfaction guarantees are thankfully over. Bam Bino Cases has a "university" warranty for its products. They guarantee that the case won't break until your child goes to university.

It's a bold claim to make, but customers will love it. It's essentially a risk-free guarantee.

Together with Tablet2Cases "Peace of Mind" promise you are covered from all angles. You can't go wrong with buying the Rhino case from Tablet2Cases.


Available in Blue, Tangerine, Turquoise, and Black

Rhino's vibrant colors are great for children. The black color is liked by goth kids. And adults.

Choose wisely.


Sold for the right price?

The Rhino case sells for $19.95.

A feature-rich case under $20 to protect your iPad from all kinds of damage? It's a bargain. 

Comparing to Otterbox's $60 price, this "otterbox for kids" will keep your tablet safe with $40 to spare.

The Bam Bino Rhino case is available on Tablet2Cases online store. 


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