Established 2005
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Product range Small

This Berlin Germany-based company adopts the Japanese 'Deco-Den' concept of transforming everyday objects into pieces of jewelry. Since 2005, Bling My Thing has established itself as a one-of-kind company, offering products that may be considered as some of the most unique in the world (or, contingent upon your level of cynicism, they may be regarded as some of the most frivolous).

The company offers 2 choices of Bling My Thing iPad cases . This rather limited line suggests that the company is indeed deliberate about their manufacturing process, and/or focuses on custom tablet cases in order for its customers to realize the absolute potential of their unique service. And, the price of Bling My Thing cases ($50-$75), shall be considered appropriate for their incorporated materials and hand-made craftsmanship.

Bling My Thing is a licensed partner of Swarovski (a notorious luxury brand of crystals) and they incorporate these materials in its products with the intention of not only maximizing aesthetics, but durability as well. Just as their name suggests, this company is all about creating accessories to add bling to your device. Somewhere the paparazzi are lurking in the bushes, waiting to pounce on those who buy Bling My Thing tablet cases.


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