Established 2005
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Boomwave Products Inc, based in Chino Hills, California, is a manufacturer of accessories for Apple hand-held devices. The company entered the marketplace in 2005 as producer of Apple iPod skins. So it should come as no surprise that this company has now arrived to the booming Apple iPad market, with a new collection of Boomwave iPad cases.

Considering the vast collection of iPod skins that this company has developed upon its inception, it can be anticipated that their line of tablet cases will also grow in size. As it stands, the company has only created 4 types of Boomwave iPad cases. Though their styles are as limited as the total number of choices currently available, the company has created some engaging and fun iPod skins that should eventually transcend to their collection of iPad cases.

Boomwave is committed toward developing user-friendly products specifically for Apple devices. The fact that their products are built to compliment a wide-variety of personalities make them universally appealing and should excite many to buy Boomwave tablet cases.


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