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Founded in 2001, the Minnesota-based Bracketron Inc has become an industry leader in manufacturing universal mounting solutions and accessories for many of the most popular mobile and handheld electronic devices. The company is focused on developing a line of Bracketron cases that are designed to offer an optimal level of flexibility and functionality to enhance the user's experience with their device.

Bracketron currently offers a nice assortment of tablet cases tablet cases priced from $13 to $40. A majority of these accessories are specifically designed for use with the both versions of the Apple iPad and include tablet protectors , tablet car cases , tablet stands and wall mount tablet cases . For those who do not possess an iPad, the company does offer a universal tablet car case for compatible use with any brand of tablet PC.

Bracketron understands that we are mobile individuals who want to maximize the performance and usability of the electronic gadgets that are an essential part of our everyday lives. If indeed you are just like one of us, then you too may feel inspired to buy Bracketron tablet cases.


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