Established 2007
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Product range Medium

This South Korean company has been a manufacturer and supplier of accessories for portable electronic devices since 2007. Burnoaa is driven to satisfy the consumer, and thus strives to create an ideal carrying solution by focusing on four main product characteristics - stability, fashion, diversity and handiness. Such a commitment comes to fruition in their current line of Burnoaa tablet cases.

The company’s collection consists of a variety of tablet cases with handles , shoulder cases and tablet sleeves . They incorporate memory foam materials in the interior to provide stable protection for your device, as well as a waterproof exterior finish. With conservative and modern designs that will attract business travelers and trendy urbanites, Burnoaa cases are affordably priced ($30-50USD) to target the low to mid-range consumer.

While many companies focus on creating accessories for the popular Apple iPad , Burnoaa offers a collection to accommodate owners of a variety of tablet PCs. Their current line of products embodies all the characteristics that the company sets out to offer the consumer, which should ultimately attract many of you to buy Burnoaa tablet cases.


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