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Crunchy Logistics, based in Orlando FL, USA with a subsidiary Crunchy Logistics, Inc is focused on developing and supporting business critical and entertainment driven technology systems for the global marketplace...The company’s strategy is to focus on the deployment and support of highly secure commercial, medical and industrial software and mobile systems, digital content distribution network and interactive user interface advancements.

Phew! That was a mouthful! We’ll get down to the reason why you are here. Contrary to the company’s name, Crunchy Logistics iPad cases are not chewable. Actually, this is not your typical tablet case either. The company introduces the Padzilla Interactive Case, a massive screen mount for experiencing a more impressive level of interaction with your iPad. The screen is available in sizes 22” up to 150”, and with a special mounting system, the unit can be positioned both horizontally and vertically, or in a table mode.

Really, you must check this case out! It really does turn your iPad into Godzilla! Corporations, educational and medical institutions, even artists and DJs have already bought and will continue to buy Crunchy Logistics tablet cases. You can too, if you have the space.


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