Established 2010
Origin UTAH, USA
Link Website
Product range Medium

Recognizing the potential popularity of the Apple iPad , Crux was established in 2010 following the release of this hottest new gadget to hit the market. As another shining example of a company who has succumbed to the powerful influence of this particular device, the company designs, manufactures and markets a line of Crux cases that specifically cater to its owners.

The company has developed several Crux iPad cases styled as tablet keyboard cases . The Crux360 ($149) and Crux Loaded ($249) are each regarded as the world’s first tablet clamshell cases with keyboard. The Crux Loaded is priced higher due to its more advanced design that features a remote Bluetooth trackpad and external battery. The Crux Folio ($129) is a folding tablet case designed for business executives and other working professionals who want the portability of a tablet computer, but also desire the functionality of a full-sized keyboard.

While the company offers some of the most innovative products, the crux of the matter is that they are priced for high-end consumers to buy Crux tablet cases. Still we think those with the means will not hesitate to get their hands on an accessory that is equally protective as it is functional and usable.


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