Established 2010
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The Dodo bird may be extinct, but the ancient and traditional art of bookbinding is still alive and well thanks to this San Francisco-based company. Dodocase cases is committed to producing high-quality, handmade cases for e-readers and tablet PCs. This company works with local artisans to produce some of the most aesthetically pleasing options to the current tablet case market.

The company and its debut product were launched in April 2010 alongside the release of the first Apple iPad. Their current collection includes different types of Dodocase book tablet cases, priced between $60-250USD. While maintaining an attention toward basic functionality with fine-craftsmanship and genuine quality, this company's products seem well worth their sophisticated price.

Although the company adopts an ancient applied art, their products can still be considered innovative since they are the only of its kind in this particular market. Those who do buy Dodocase tablet cases will take comfort in knowing that they are supporting local artists, as well as the fact that they are receiving a product that will most likely last longer than the devices it was build for.

To top it all off, even Barack Obama has been spotted using a DODOcase...


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