Established 2011
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G-Form was founded by a group of athletes who felt inspired to create products that would revolutionize impact and vibration protection for competitive sports. Contrary to those conceived and developed from a boardroom approach, the G-Form team designs products from the athlete’s point of view. Beginning with a line of elbow, knee and shoe pads, the Rhode Island-based company has grown exponentially to develop protective G-Form cases for popular electronics devices.

The company currently offers several G-Form iPad cases , a collection of rugged & tough tablet cases . The Extreme Edge ($45) tablet cover and the Extreme Sleeve zipper case for iPad ($60) and iPad 2 ($70), all incorporate absorbent, lightweight and waterproof materials that offer high-impact protection. The Extreme Portfolio ($90) has an exterior that contrasts the conservative styles of the boardroom, yet includes the internal features of an business tablet case , as well as the design that doubles as a tablet stand .

G-Form creates some of the most outstanding tablet protective cases you will find on the market today. Those who bike to work, or fight the crowded subways during their commute, as well as adventure enthusiasts alike, should all certainly feel inspired to buy G-Form tablet cases.


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