Established 2005
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Luckies is a British design company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing unique gift ideas. The brand started in 2005 by offering cool stuff that wasn’t previously available in the UK, and they have since grown to produce their own clever and useful goods which range from bottle corks and BBQ tools, to memo holders and posters, as well as a small selection of Luckies cases for electronic gadgets.

Looking for a cool and unique gift for your mate? Luckies is a good place to start. For iPad or 10” tablet owners, the brand currently offers three choice Luckies tablet cases. The Hoodie Tablet Edition ($22) is a cool tablet sleeve designed to look like an ordinary hoodie sweatshirt. Meanwhile, those who prefer a more formal look for their device may prefer the Tablet Tux ($24) sleeve. If you want to divert attention away from your gadget, consider the Undercover Tablet Sleeve ($22; 3.6/5 Editor's rating) which disguises the tablet as an ordinary used postal envelope.

Luckies offers tons of eclectic gifts for men, women and just about every occasion. More precisely, those looking to inject a bit of whimsy into their electronic gadget are perhaps the ideal targets to buy Luckies tablet cases.


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