Established 2010
Origin USA
Link Website
Product range Small

ModulR is a self-proclaimed small team of experienced designers and tech-savvy problem solvers who strive to improve the iPad’s quality of life by making it more practical, mobile and versatile. By not diversifying their interests and focusing on creating accessories for one specific device, this company is able to maintain an attention toward detail when developing many functional and usable ModulR tablet cases and accessories for the iPad owner.

The company currently offers the two ModulR iPad cases , consisting of a tablet protector for the iPad, and a hard case with hand strap for the Apple iPad 2 . The line of ModulR features to go with the original case also include a wall mount , a tablet stand , a car headrest , and hand & shoulder straps for use with their available cases. With a focus on affordability, the company prices its accessories ($15-$40) to occupy the lower end of the market.

For those of you who do buy ModulR tablet cases, the company will soon be offering a way to personalize it with a custom insert that allows you to add photos, logos and more. They also claim to soon be offering a tablet smart cover , which should attract those of you who seek this popular style because of its lightweight design and function.


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