Established 2005
Origin JAPAN
Link Website
Product range Small

A unique Japanese fashion designer brand, Unused, was founded in 2005. The company is looking to re-create classic casual wear apparel adding a touch of sophistication to their design, which will in turn enable them to become classics of their own. The company specializes in men’s and women’s clothing, but there are also a couple of Unused tablet cases in their product line. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on all products, and prides itself on superior workmanship produced in Japan.

Tablet owners looking to buy Unused tablet cases currently have only one choice open to them – an attractive tablet envelope case ($83). Made from durable corduroy fabric, the case is named depending on the color – Gold, Dark Navy, or Dark Brown. The case is compatible with all Apple tablet models as well as a wide range of similarly sized devices. Its classic style is underlined by the string and button lock system, which seems to never go out of style.

Unused products are looking to reawaken the classic designs with the addition of new materials and details. The same is true for their tablet cases, which protect modern electronic gadgets with conventional, almost retro material – corduroy. The classic tablet accessory nevertheless looks great and keeps the device safe from everyday bumps and bruises.


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