Established 2007
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Ten One Design is in the electronic device accessories business in order to, as the company puts it, “We're trying to make your life awesome” Based in Montclair New Jersey USA, the design firm creates writing tools, free apps, gaming controls, and Ten One Design cases for popular hand-held devices.

The brand currently offers two different Ten 1 Design iPad cases. The Particle for iPad1 ($35) is a slim, lightweight back protector with a built-in Pogo Sketch Stylus pen. This solution makes a great case for students. The Magnus for iPad2/iPad3 ($50) is a minimalist, machine-crafted tablet stand made of aluminum and other recycled materials. The design holds the tablet via strong acting magnets, and will even work for devices fitted with protective skins. A handy solution for use around the home and office.

Unfortunately, Ten One Design doesn’t offer an awesome selection of tablet cases at this time. But the few designs they bring to market will bring a little bit something extra to naked iPad tablets. An increased selection of choice quality, functional designs should very well lead more consumers to this brand to buy Ten One Design tablet cases.


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