Exotic tablet cases are popular among tablet users seeking an exotic and luxurious look for their device. And while many manufacturers employ a faux-skin material to comprise such cases, some models incorporate real alligator, crocodile and snake skins, particularly in luxury & premium tablet cases.

In terms of case styles available, exotic tablet cases follow along similar lines to their leather counterparts. The most common format for exotic cases is the folio style, which may be closed with a strap lock, zippers, a Velcro fastener, or even an elastic ribbon. Other styles in exotic cases, such as envelope tablet cases and tablet bags, are also on the market and these typically feature some kind of padding for extra insulation and protection against drops and damage through everyday portage.

The main drawback in exotic tablet cases is naturally the price. Even cases made of faux skin material will likely be much pricier than like models.


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