Eco-friendly cases are becoming more and more common in response to general concerns about environmental issues. Unlike accessories using traditional neoprene, polycarbonate, polyurethane or other synthetics, materials in eco-friendly cases are recycled and/or natural and are often 100% biodegradable.

In many instances, eco-friendly tablet cases have become indistinguishable from synthetically-made models. Plastic bottles may be reformed to make a leather-like material seemingly authentic by look and touch in tablet bags or carriers. Other reused/recycled materials in eco-friendly cases include rubber, metal, wood, fabric and paper. Some solar-powered tablet cases are made even more environment-conscious with recycled/recyclable materials right down to the photovoltaic cells, and a few case manufacturers may reuse factory-castoff material or re-purpose vintage objects.

In terms of price, the would-be purchaser of an eco-friendly tablet case should be prepared to spend a little more than an equivalent accessory within the given style.

This category is featured in our annual Tablet2Cases Golden Case Awards. Check out past winners and nominees for Best Eco-Friendly Case in 2012.


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