Operating System Android 2.2 (Froyo)
Dimension (in) 5.6x0.6x7.5
Weight (lb) 1.00
Screen (in) 7
Resolution (px) 800 x 600
Touchscreen Capacitive

Micro SD, USB, WiFi

Battery Life 10 hrs

After experiencing the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader R101, we are truly amazed this ebook reader hasn’t proven to be more of an outward threat to the Amazon Kindle on the market. Surely more users seriously interested in ebook technology would find this less expensive, impressive device a revelation.

While the Amazon Kindle is tough to beat for readability, the Velocity Micro Cruz certainly is its equal, with nice clean viewing of ePub, PDF, TEXT, PDB and HTML files. Plus, the Velocity provides an amazing advantage in its 800x600 pixel full-color touchscreen, features that not only will certainly become requisite in ebook readers in the near future, but make for enhanced viewing of illustrated books while also making possible decent video viewing in MPEG-4 and H.264 formats. To this end, the Micro Cruz Reader includes an accelerometer.

The Android 2.0 operating system runs things in the Micro Cruz Reader impressively and the WiFi connectivity is a nice feature as well. The standard package throws in a docking station and 4 GB SD card upon purchase.

In fact, the sole perceived disadvantage of this reader over really any other such device is Velocity’s tie-in with the now-defunct Borders Books. Happily, company PR reminds that the two-million title Borders ebook library is still perfectly useable on this reader through the independent entity Kobo.

Highly recommended, we encourage ebook aficionados to immediately try out the Velocity Micro Cruz Reader R101. You’ll be pleasantly surprised and you’ll be getting in on one of the industry’s widest-kept secrets.

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