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In the battle that has ensued amongst companies trying to establish dominance within the tablet case market, this Swiss company has chosen not to remain neutral in this particular war. As a designer and marketer of solar powered tablet cases and accessories for use with electronic devices, Element5 offers some of the most innovative products to this particular market.

Such innovation is clearly evident in this company’s small collection of Element5 tablet cases. These specialized products are designed to charge your enclosed device while on the move. There is a catch however, and that is this product feature will only work with the company’s specially developed battery. Of course, a heavy price will be paid for such a sophisticated piece of merchandise, as the total investment of the case/battery combined will cost you more than $600USD.

Without question Element5 delivers some of the most unique products to date and should be regarded as the ultimate with regard to design, function and overall quality. Understandably so, the company targets the higher-end of this market with their innovative accessories, as only those with significant resources are able to buy Element5 tablet cases at this time.


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