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Just as their name suggests, this company has designed and manufactured a case to keep your valuable handheld gadgets dry. DryCase is located in North Carolina and was spawned from Dry Corp LLC, a manufacturer of products for the medical industry. Located just 10 minutes from the beach, this company tests all of its products in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Though the DryCase cases may look like a glorified plastic sandwich bag for your gadget, it is in fact a waterproof tablet case equipped with the company’s patented vacuum seal that will fully protect any enclosed device while submerged underwater. Even while maintaining limited everyday usability, its price tag ($60USD) clearly suggests that the company understands they have developed an innovative and one-of-a-kind product.

DryCase is one of the few companies who can claim they offer an accessory that is universally formed to accommodate nearly any tablet computer brand. Although in contrast they may not be focused on accommodating a variety of universal lifestyles, they are indeed committed to target the beach, boating and general recreational outdoor enthusiasts to buy DryCase tablet cases.


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