Established 2011
Origin JAPAN
Link Website 
Product range Small

Human Made is a Japanese fashion brand established in 2011 catering to teenagers. The company produces a wide range of apparel ranging from shirts and caps to shoes and jackets. The designer strives to create attractive, modern looks at the same time focusing on functionality and quality of their clothing. Teenagers are a target group with the highest penetration rate in mobile devices and tablets, and the company addresses this fact with a wide range of Human Made cases and accessories for the electronic gadgets.

The range of tablet cases at Human Made is currently limited to a number of tablet envelope cases ($82-$104) and a tablet bag with handles ($106). Made of high-quality cotton fabrics, the cases deliver a combination of great looks and decent impact protection. Owners of all Apple tablet models and other similarly sized devices can find a case for their device here.

All Human Made tablet cases reviews praise the quality of their craftsmanship, but also note the minimalist design of their items, which allows the cases to be suitable for a variety of environments. The company utilizes only the best materials when producing their items, and tries to combine functional design with attractive looks and protective qualities.


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