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ION Audio was founded in 2004 out of the desire to bridge the gap between classic and cutting-edge. Starting with the USB turntable, the company has created an entire range of conversion products for updating outdated technologies. But ION Audio does more than convert LP’s into MP3’s and film negatives into JPEG’s, they have grown into a worldwide brand that designs a variety of ION Audio cases and accessories that simplify your life and pump more life into your digital entertainment.

While some ION Audio products update your old entertainment into new, the two new ION Audio iPad cases do the reverse to the iPad tablet. The iCade ($70) is a nostalgic case for fans that transforms the device into a classic Atari arcade game cabinet. The wood case holds the iPad in portrait format, and features joystick, buttons and free Atari Greatest Hits app. The iCore (no listed price) is a simplified version, sans the full cabinet enclosure. This tablet stand design allows for both landscape and portrait orientation.

Surely those who grew up the 1980’s will be jumping at the bit to buy ION Audio iPad cases. And it is rather ironic that these nostalgic accessories have us looking ahead to the future, eagerly awaiting more ION Audio cases that can pump some extra fun into tablet computers.


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