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The sky-scrappers of New York City can cast some pretty dark shadows onto the busy streets below, but that hasn’t stopped Voltaic Systems from doing what they do. Incorporating solar-powered technologies, the company creates Voltaic Systems cases and carrying solutions that produce and store their own power in order to run your electronic devices anywhere.

Voltaic Systems currently markets just one tablet case, "The Spark Tablet Case" ($299). Although designed specifically for the iPad/iPad 2, it can also charge most other brand tablets, mobile phones and cameras. This solar powered case has panels (available in charcoal and silver) that offer 8 watts of solar power energy that require 10 hours of direct sunlight to fully charge your device. As a tablet case that will be attracting UV-rays, it is made of a lightweight, waterproof fabric that is fade-resistant. It has pocket features for accessory storage, and its universal battery pack stores power for use any time, designed to charge from solar or normal/high-powered USB ports.

What Voltaic Systems delivers to the tablet case market is similar to those accessories produced by the Swiss company Element5, but are priced much lower than this rival competitor. Those who seek a more affordable solar-powered solution should certainly be turning to this company to buy Voltaic Systems tablet cases.


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