Origin INDIA
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Product range Medium

Urbano operates as a division of Kraft International, a large manufacturer in India that creates leather bags and other carrying solutions. The brand was launched to specifically maintain a focus on producing Urbano cases for popular Apple electronic devices. With their collection of high-quality, functional and stylish leather cases and bags, Urbano stands as a popular favorite for the Apple user community.

The company has developed 6 different models of Urbano iPad cases, which are available in a wide-range of colors and designs. They offer envelope tablet cases , tablet sleeves , and zippered tablet cases , priced at $70-$80 to target the mid-range consumers. Their collection also includes a line of tablet messenger bags and folding tablet cases , priced $100-$125 to occupy the higher end of the market.

With a collection of a modern and trendy leather cases for both men and women, it is no wonder that Urbano is one of the first companies that many Apple iPad owners look to when they want their demands and needs met. If hip, elegant and sophisticated style is indeed what you specifically demand, then you certainly have our strong support and encouragement to buy Urabano tablet cases.


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