Bamboo tablet cases are made from nearly 100% all-natural material and usually in eco-friendly fashion. Bamboo cases generally provide a surprising amount of protection and insulation for the tablet and are as durable as any comparable hard material.

Tablet cases in bamboo typically outwardly resemble a wooden box complete with the grain pattern. These styles are form-fitting and are designed by the manufacturer for specific models of tablet. The interior is lined with some sort of softer material such as neoprene or felt to help cushion the tablet against bumping and scratching. As in other cases crafted with inflexible material, the back side of bamboo tablet cases have spaces for port and accessories carved out to allow the user access to the screen when needed. Though Bamboo cases can vary in design, most frequent of course is the natural look and the tactile feel one expects in these products.

While crafted from natural materials, the more environment-conscious tablet user will want to check into the given manufacturer’s processes to be sure.


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