Technically defined as “any type of hook-and-loop fastening material,” Velcro locks on tablet cases are made with the familiar material for closure. Velcro locks seek to provide the tablet owner with a safe, easy-to-use, low-maintenance, high tensile-strength fastener to help enclose the encased device.

Naturally, the simple-but-strong patches of material may be used as locks on any number of case styles, particularly in folios and portfolio cases but also among envelope cases, sleeves and virtually any lightweight case or tablet bag.

Though a Velcro fastener is fairly foolproof, the would-be owner of a tablet case with Velcro locks should keep an eye out for two characteristics. Firstly, there’s the actual stitching or glue holding on the Velcro pad. As with any consumer product, the second this pad becomes the least bit detached, the lock’s effectiveness will be lost.

The second consideration has to do with strength. A very simple formula determines the strength of a given piece of Velcro: The bigger it is, the stronger it is. Those users seeking the tightest possible fit in a this lock should simply compare the space on the tablet case devoted to the Velcro pads.


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