Flowfold Hoists the iPad 2 Sleeve Sail

  • Flowfold iPad 2 Sleeve
  • Flowfold iPad 2 Sleeve screenshot
  • iPad 2 Sleeve from Flowfold

Flowfold iPad 2 Sleeve is a successful Kickstarter project that has recently received enough pledges to go into production phase. The new tablet sleeve is made from highly durable material, which will guard your tablet against water and dust as well as protect it from minor impacts and bumps.

The exterior of the case is handmade from reclaimed composite sailcloth boasting waterproof capabilities. The material comes from a mixture of carbon fiber, Kevlar, pentex or polyester matrixes placed between Mylar films. This unique material makes up one of toughest and at the same time lightweight tablet cases.

The interior material is crafted out of 100% recycled plastic bottle fabric, which adds a layer of protection for the Apple iPad 2 , while keeping its screen scratch free. The unique iPad 2 Sleeve will appeal to young tablet owners concerned about the safety of our planet.

EDIT: It appears FlowFold no longer makes iPad cases and have limited their selection to wallets.

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