The New iPad Learns German With Taschen From Kleber

  • Kleber iPad Taschen
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  • iPad Taschen from Kleber
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  • iPad Taschen from Kleber screenshot

iPad Taschen from Kleber is a collection of tablet sleeves featuring unique design prints. The new case will accommodate the Apple iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad. All sleeves in the collection share the same materials: durable coated canvas fabric on the outside and 100% wool felt on the inside.

The combination of materials used in the new iPad case delivers great impact and scratch protection. The no-frills sleeve design allows easy access to the tablet whenever you need it. At the same time the Velcro closure on the new Apple iPad 2 case keeps the sleeve securely shut when not in use and the device safely inside the case.

The coated canvas material of the new Apple iPad case protects the tablet from dust and moisture and can be easily cleaned with a single wipe. Choose from virtually unlimited number of print designs to select the one that best suits your personal style.

The price for this item is $119.

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