Seth Aaron Helps Maroo Combine Fashion and Style for the New iPad

  • Maroo Seth Aaron Series
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  • Seth Aaron Series from Maroo
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  • Seth Aaron Series from Maroo screenshot

Maroo collaborates with the up and coming runway designer to create a series of tablet designer cases named after the creative genius behind them – Seth Aaron Series. The collection of new folio tablet cases features bright eye-catching design and combines everyday functionality with sturdy protection.

The cases within the Series can accommodate both the Apple iPad 2 and the new iPad and offer the best possible combination of function and style. Genuine leather is used extensively throughout of the collection and keeps the tablet safe from bumps and bruises inside the new iPad case.

The unique SG Bumper protection from Maroo is included in each and every model and will make sure no serious harm will befall the tablet while it’s inside the new case. The cases also feature Smart Cover capabilities as well as offer two comfy tablet stand positions. All ports and buttons are open to free access.

The price for the cases is $99.99.

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